1975Omnipharma founded, represents "Roche".
1988Omnipharma represents Boehringer Mannheim's..
1983Omnipharma represents "ICI".
1999Omnipharma represents AstraZeneca.
1999Astra and Zeneca merge, bringing a revolution...
1993"ICI" becomes Zeneca.
2009MEDA aquires Valeant business in Europe and the...
2009Omnipharma represents Amdipharm.
2006Omnipharma represents Alphapharm.
2004Roche sells Roche Consumer Health products to Bayer
2003ICN becomes Valeant Pharmaceuticals International..
Omnipharma represents Wyeth Nutrition 2018
Omnipharma represents Nestle Health Science 2017
Omnipharma represents Thuasne 2017
Omnipharma represents Medel 2017
MEDA selected Omnipharma as sole distributor in Lebanon. 2012