Zafer Chaoui

President and General Manager

Joseph Gebara

Pharmacist in charge and Board Member

Karim Gebara

Deputy General Manager; joined in 2002

Emile Chaoui

Deputy General Manager; joined in 2011

Antoine Abi Rached

Finance Manager; joined in 2005

Lina Coton

Promotion Manager; joined in 2009

Dany Matta

Warehouse and Delivery Manager; joined in 1998

Raymond Mikhael

Regulatory Manager and Sales Manager Pharmacies & Public Institutions; joined in 1988

Georges Nemr

Sales Manager Hospitals & Laboratories; joined in 2004

Raymond Rouhayem

IT Manager Systems & Networks; joined in 2008

Hala Sayegh

Human Resources & Administrative Manager; joined in 2011

Nadine Sirgi

Supplier Relations Manager; joined in 1985

Jean Tassides

IT Manager Database & Applications; joined in 1977